FFF 'Dr. Knock' PG for Violence, sexual references, coarse language & nudity

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Knock is a retired crook who learnt the skills of the medical profession in rather particular circumstances ‘on the job’ on board a ship. After some years ‘in training’, he takes up a post as a doctor in the small village of Saint-Maurice in the French Alps. Knock is determined to boost his earnings and introduces free consultations which soon bring even the lowliest inhabitants to his door. The master of manipulation and seduction expertly convinces supposedly healthy villagers that they are in fact suffering from a fake illness. But when a figure from Knock’s shady past comes back to collect his debt, his scam begins to unravel. Omar Sy, star of The Intouchables and Monsieur Chocolat (2017 AFFFF), brings his natural on-screen charisma into the multifaceted titular character, who shakes up quiet village life with a lot of wit, humour and convincing arguments.

1 hr. 53 min.
Release Date: April 6th, 2018
CastOmar Sy, Ana Girardot, Pascal Elbé, Audrey Dana, Hélène VincentDirectorLorraine LevyWriter

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